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CranioSacral Therapy: Pregnancy, Birth and Postnatal

CranioSacral Therapy: Pregnancy, Birth and Postnatal

At our Evolve clinic, we see our clients through entire lifecycles – from birth to problems in later life. A major part of many of our client’s lives is the birth of a child. We love to see the littlest members of your families, but also to nurture our new Mum clients back to health as well.

The whole pregnancy and birth period is often a roller coaster ride – exhilaration and joy at the expectation and birth of a new baby, sometimes coupled with more challenging symptoms or experiences such as exhaustion, pain and postural changes. For some, the challenge lies in their fertility and falling pregnant, for others its morning sickness and delivery of the baby. Each journey is different and at Evolve we treat your body as a ‘whole’ to treat the root causes of the issues, not just put a band aid on the symptom (which is really useful when pregnancy can throw up a whole load of seemingly random symptoms!)


Of course, any pregnancy starts with fertility. Many women experience issues with their menstrual cycles – irregular cycles, painful periods, headaches, PMT…the list goes on! Our Evolve expert therapists are trained at helping you understand that being on the receiving end of these symptoms probably means your system is out of balance. CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, hands on therapy to remove restrictions in your body and can help to release any pre-existing tension in your body, ensuring that your reproductive system is functioning at its optimum level to pave the way for a healthy pregnancy. Of course, the desire to fall pregnant but being unable to do so, can be a difficult period for both you and your partner. Whilst your difficulties in falling pregnant may be related to an imbalance in your system as outlined above, it may also stem from past traumas which are preventing conception. CST can help the body to shift the memory of past trauma, relieve any tension and help the body recover to a level where it can fall pregnant. 


Pregnancy itself sees the female human body go through enormous physical and mental changes in preparation for the birth of a child. The body creates a safe and nurturing space in which to grow a child, which can result in some pretty uncomfortable symptoms for Mum. The first trimester frequently brings with it morning sickness, and later in the pregnancy, postural changes, back pain, sciatica and breathing difficulties. Whilst all these symptoms are perfectly normal, at Evolve, we strive to help our clients to lessen the uncomfortable symptoms with CST. By releasing soft tissue tensions, we can help the body find more space as well as calm the nervous system and assist the spine in accommodating the postural changes that are an inevitable part of being pregnant. Of course, CST is completely safe for baby, as well as their pregnant Mum. 

Labour and Delivery

Labour and Delivery is the exciting time when you get to meet your new bundle of joy. It’s an exciting but often nerve-wracking time, especially for first time Mums who don’t know what to expect, and whose bodies are not practiced in birthing a child. CST can help in preparing your body for labour by helping the pelvis and pelvic floor to be in the optimal state for delivery, as well as assisting the baby to move into a good position for birth. Surgery from a caesarean, like any major surgery puts stress on the body, and Mums find that CST helps to relax the body beforehand to assist with a speedy recovery post-surgery.


Post-natal: One of our customers, Lucy speaks of experiencing the benefits of CST whilst pregnant and in the post-natal period. “After the birth of my son, I had stored some of the trauma (from my delivery and breastfeeding experience) in my body. CST helped to release this trauma and allowed my body to recover. Treatment is extremely gentle, relaxing and safe to receive during pregnancy and regular treatments throughout my second pregnancy helped to prepare my body for labour.”

 Trauma from birth, whatever shape or form this takes, can make the early days of being a Mum really tough, especially if post-natal depression comes into play. At Evolve, we encourage loved ones of those Mums to seek early help to calm the nervous system, release tension and emotions stored within the body’s tissues. Our trained therapists’ practice SomatoEmotional Release (SER) as well as CST, which is a process to assist the body to release emotions or stress from within the tissues of the body using tools such as therapeutic imagery or dialogue. Even Mums who had a brilliant birth experience will frequently find themselves exhausted, sleep deprived and drowning in the pressure of keeping this little person healthy and well, and find they too really benefit from coming to Evolve for CST to help relieve the day to day stresses of being a Mum. Bring your babies with you – we always love a cuddle!


Towards the end of the birth journey, the final hurdle to accomplish is breastfeeding. Whilst it’s a breeze for some Mum’s and their babies, it can be an extremely difficult part of Motherhood to achieve. Issues such as poor latch, painful nipples or feeding for short periods can mean that your baby needs some treatment to help them feed effectively. You might also find you have a sore neck, or lots of shoulder tension due to poor posture whilst feeding. It’s hard to avoid, but easy to treat with CST to decrease the pain and tension whilst you breast feed.

Wherever you’re at in the pregnancy and birth lifecycle, our trained therapists can help. The key is to seek help early and let our highly trained CST therapists assess your body to help diagnose and treat the root causes of issues. There are few problems we haven’t seen before and we love working with women to make your own special journey, that little bit easier. Call +61 406 249 221 today or book an appointment online.