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CST For Adults

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a hands-on therapy, where the touch is gentle, non-invasive and usually subtle. But do not be fooled! It is also a powerful therapy that affects the central nervous system to assist in improving function in the whole body.

CranioSacral System

We are aiming to treat the craniosacral system. This is the term Dr Upledger originally coined to describe the structures that produce and enable a rhythm he observed while assisting in a spinal surgery. (He was trying to hold a structure called the dural tube still while a colleague operated, but he couldn’t as it was moving all by itself!)

CranioSacral Rhythm

He eventually called this rhythm the craniosacral rhythm and saw it as being created within the craniosacral system: structures that enable this are the meningeal membranes that surround and support the brain and spinal cord, the bones of the head to which they attach and the cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds and protects the brain.

Why the Light Touch?

In CranioSacral Therapy we utilise light forces/palpation, this is for a couple of reasons.  One is so we are able to receive information from the clients tissues.  This ensures that the treatment is specific to your unique needs.  The second is that when we use firmer pressures it can cause the soft tissues/structures of the body to “guard”, which then activates pain reflexes and the body goes into “defend” mode.  So firmer pressures tell us more about the “defence” mode, than the underlying problems.


We all essentially live inside of a fascial (or “glad wrap”) sleeve. We can travel from the tip of the big toe to the top of the head without ever leaving fascia.  It surrounds and connects ALL structures of the body.  Ideally the fascia and structures are well aligned.  This allows for normal movement and body processes.  When fascia becomes tight or restricted, it can start to create strain patterns throughout the body.  Kind of like a sleeve or a sock that isn’t quite on squarely!

Because fascia surrounds everything (including the brain and spinal cord) any kinks can cause a disruption to normal movement and function.


Your CranioSacral Therapist will use a series of evaluation tools to understand exactly where the origin of the dysfunction lies.  Because of the fascial connections and the bodies extraordinary capacity for compensation, the original dysfunction may or may not be where you are experiencing your symptoms.

The techniques used will vary depending on what the unique needs of your system are.  They may be techniques to relieve “bony” or joint compression, soft tissue techniques or sometimes techniques aimed at moving the fluids.  But as we said above, always gently!


How Can CST Help?

People find CranioSacral Therapy effective for a wide range of problems associated with discomfort, pain and dysfunction. CranioSacral Therapy first and firmest looks at how well your nervous system is functioning.  Because your nervous system drives everything else, we see people for a wide range of issues related to all of the bodies’ systems (hormonal dysfunction, digestive issues, musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction, stress related issues).  Interestingly, this approach also appears to complement and stimulate the body’s natural healing processes, so CST is increasingly used as a preventive health measure to help people thrive in their lives!

What Issues Can CST Treat?

CranioSacral Therapy is effective for a wide variety of both acute and chronic issues including (but not limited to):

•  Headache and migraine
•  Chronic back and neck pain
•  General musculoskeletal pain
•  Tinnitus
•  Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction
Post-dental work
Visual disturbance
Central Nervous System disorders
Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Neurovascular and Immune disorders
Hormonal dysfunction/imbalance
Stress and tension related problems
Emotional trauma

SomatoEmotional Release®

SomatoEmotional Release® provides us with a framework and set of skills for working with the body tissues (‘somata’) at the same time as working with the emotions.  This is important as body and mind are interrelated and as we work with both simultaneously we are able to work towards a ‘release’ or ‘integration’ of any retained trauma.


Other Modalities

Evolve Therapists also have extensive training and experience in other manual therapy and movement modalities and these modalities inform their current work. These modalities include:

•  Muscle Energy Technique
•  Strain-Counterstrain Technique
Visceral Manipulation
Dry Needling
Manipulative Physiotherapy
Pilates and Yoga
Rehabilitation Exercise Prescription
Meditation/Mindfulness Training

Evolve’s mission is to empower people to take a creative role in their own health and wellbeing.

We offer an integrated approach to mindbody medicine through Holistic Manual Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release.

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