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Childhood is a magical time for many children, filled with ‘firsts’ and new experiences. However, sometimes our modern world with its sensory laden environments can cause the child to feel overwhelmed and stressed.  It all happens when our nervous system is struggling to regulate itself and loops around in ‘fight or flight’ mode to cope.

Symptoms of sensory overwhelm

Each child who experiences sensory challenges can display slightly differing symptoms. Many parents can relate to ‘something not being quite right’ in terms of the frequent emotional meltdowns, challenges with particular food textures, concentration issues at school or their child’s need to constantly move or fidget. 

How treatment helped James

Our loyal client Samantha first brought her son James in to see us several years ago. James struggled to sleep, had a speech delay, suffered food disorders where he had an extremely limited list of foods considered ‘safe’ and in Samantha’s words ‘was afraid of life’. A host of traditional medical specialists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists were trying valiantly to support Samantha, but James unfortunately still failed to thrive, and his parents were exhausted and desperate for someone to help their son. After initially seeing James weekly at Evolve for CranioSacral Therapy (CST), Samantha was surprised and delighted after 4 weeks when James slept through the night. Significant positive changes followed with his eating habits and with continued treatment at Evolve, James started to turn a corner where he became less afraid of life, much more social and more relaxed to stimuli. Our team at Evolve had the biggest smiles on our faces when Samantha burst into our clinic a few months into treatment to let us know that in James’ medical appointment, the specialist had been amazed at the positive changes and exclaimed – ‘What have you done?!?”

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is the treatment which gave James back his quality of life. It’s a gentle and safe treatment designed to work directly with the nervous system, through use of manual techniques to support the nervous system to regulate itself more effectively. At Evolve, we work with many children who present to us with complex issues, often seemingly unconnected. It’s our job to connect the dots and enable your child to thrive both at home and at school and you to relax without the frustration of ‘putting up’ with behaviour or medical challenges which could potentially be helped. 

If this blog rings any bells, we’d love to help! Sensory Overwhelm is a very real issue which requires early intervention, but with treatment can result in extremely positive results, just like our little trooper James. Our expert team will guide you from your first call and celebrate each little win with you. Call Evolve on 0406 249 221 to chat with one of our team.