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According to Chinese Medicine, each year is a cyclic interplay between Yin and Yang. When we live in accordance with these natural rhythms we can find deep health and inner peace.

As we move into Winter, it is time for the hot, expansive Yang energies of Summer to turn within as we settle into the dark, cold and slow Yin energies of the colder months. When our Yang becomes more internal, it is said to warm us from within and illuminate our inner world. This is a time for rest, reflection and conservation of energy, before the rebirth of Spring.

In Chinese Medicine, Winter is associated with the water element that governs the bladder and kidneys.  During the colder months, disturbances may be manifested in these organ systems and you may experience symptoms such as:

+ lower back or knee pain

+ fatigue

+ tinnitus

+ memory issues

+ menstrual pain

+ lowered libido

+ poor circulation

+ anxiety

+ urinary disorders


Slow down 

Activities during Winter should represent the season with a turn inwards.  Reducing your activity level will support you to live in rhythm with the natures cycles. Turning toward slower exercise practices such as Yin Yoga or Tai Chi are nourishing throughout Winter.  Contemplative practices such as self-reflection, quiet times, meditation and journaling will bring nourishment and restoration to your spirit.

Focus inward  

Winter is the time for nurturing and reflection. Try and take some time to step out of the “daily drive, push, push” and into a slower time of finding out what your heart truly desires for your life.

Keep warm

Cover up, particularly your feet! The kidney meridian begins at the sole of your foot and is particularly susceptible to losing energy when we walk around on cold floors.  So pull out those soft, snuggly socks and slippers and give your feet a warming hug!

Nourish your body with warmth

Drink and eat warming meals to nourish your system.  During Winter it is best to cook food for longer periods, using low heat and less water.  Slow Cooker meals are especially nourishing during this time of year and they infuse your house with that amazing smell on your arrival home!

In Winter we plant the seeds of health that will come to fruition over the following year. What is your intention for health over the next 12 months and what can you do to nurture yourself now?