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Concerned about a misshapen head?

Concerned about a misshapen head?

Sometimes issues arise within our bodies, or those in our care, which just ‘don’t seem right’. At Evolve, we frequently see clients who have tried a plethora of other treatments, both conventional and non-conventional but have seen no improvement in their symptoms. At Evolve, we work on using hands on, light touch therapy to remove restrictions in your body, encouraging it to selfheal.

How do misshapen heads occur?

Misshapen heads are a relatively common occurrence in newborn babies who have softer bones than adults.  Easy to identify by a physical ‘flat spot’, they can be worrying for parents both from an aesthetic perspective and from physical issues such as a baby being unable to move their head easily in both directions. Another sign of a misshapen head as advised by our therapist Lauren, is that one ear might be slightly more in front of the other. Birth, whilst being an incredible human feat, can also be traumatic for babies (and their mothers!) especially in ventouse or forceps assisted births. Torticollis is a common neck issue in babies, often caused by compression from medical instruments which occurs by pulling the soft tissues and connected bones into different positions or shapes, causing a ‘flat spot’ or due to positioning in-utero. As babies have such soft bones, when the soft tissues get tight, they can pull the bones into an incorrect position, leading to unstable head movements or their head being positioned in one place. 

Many of the cases of misshapen heads are identified and diagnosed as babies, however, it’s not unusual to also see toddlers come into the Evolve clinic, with parents desperate to resolve their head shape issue. 

Misshapen heads can resolve with treatment!

Our loyal client Anna, came into the clinic with her baby Lila who displayed the classic symptoms of a flat spot on her head, alongside being unsettled, very windy when she fed and not sleeping properly. By this point, Anna had already seen numerous other health practitioners and to date, nothing had helped her issues with baby Lila, and Anna was feeling overwhelmed. Our therapist Lauren started treating Lila fortnightly using CranioSacral Therapy (CST) a gentle, non-invasive light touch treatment technique designed to remove any restrictions in little Lila’s body. Within weeks, Anna started to see positive changes within Lila – she seemed happier in herself, her head rounded out and became gradually more tolerant of everything. It’s a real success story for Anna, with Lila now thriving at school, with a more rounded, beautifully shaped head.

When should I access treatment?

At Evolve, we encourage parents or caregivers concerned about the shape of their baby’s head to come in for a consultation with one of our therapists. The earlier the better, as babies and very young children’s bones haven’t yet fused, meaning that gentle CST treatment can help with this early intervention. 

A misshapen head can be a worrying concern – both cosmetically and with the other symptoms’ babies tend to experience alongside this. If you’re concerned, don’t wait, come and see one of our expert therapists at Evolve for gentle, safe treatment in our calm and welcoming clinic. Call +61 0406 249 221 today or book an appointment online