Certification Exams

Erin is a certified examiner for the Upledger CranioSacral Therapy Techniques Certification exams.

For further information on scheduling to take the practical and objective (multiple choice) portions of the CST Techniques exam with Erin please contact us via phone or email.

The CranioSacral Therapy Techniques Certification process is a rewarding one.  Once you have successfully completed all requirements (completion of CST2, essay exam, practical exam and objective exam) you will be able to use the designation CST.  This designation communicates that you are an Upledger Certified CranioSacral Therapist – Techniques Level.


What to expect:

  • Allow 4 hours for the full exam process (most often completed in 3 hours)
  • The practical exam will be completed first, followed by the objective exam.
  • When you come for your exam, you should be prepared to identify hand placements, core intent, tissue release, and be able to verbally articulate any techniques covered in CST1 and CST2.
  • When you complete the exam, you will ideally have an understanding of areas where you are strong in your practice as well as areas where you could improve – regardless of whether you have passed the exam or not.
  • For the closed book multiple choice, it is useful to make sure that you have read the questions fully and carefully.



  • Be thoroughly familiar with the content of CST1 and CST2.
  • Have heard the material in both classes more than once.
  • Have significant clinical experience doing the work in addition to intellectual understanding.
  • Practice verbally describing the work and the techniques.