Gerard Profile

Gerard Buckingham (B. Physiotherapy (Hons), LMT)

I started Physiotherapy as a mature age student having spent 13 years in the military.  I obtained my remedial massage qualifications prior to beginning physiotherapy and have found the skills learned in massage to be invaluable in both treating and diagnosing patient injuries/problems.

My sporting background involved mainly martial arts of various types, and volleyball at at state level within the military, I have also played football, soccer, touch and basketball at various times.

I have been involved with state league netball for 6 years and find working with the sporting population at this level to be challenging and fun.

Given the high levels of physical activity and sport played during my military career I have found through personal experience that a combination of hands on treatment and exercise work well together. (This is also backed up by current reserach within the physiotherapy field.)

In the past 18 to 24 months I have undertaken further study in the area of STRAIN COUNTERSTRAIN (SCS) and CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY (CST).

As a practitioner I work holistically and tend to treat whatever dysfunction is most prominent within your system, this may not be the issues you came in for but it may be the area that is causing your pain/problem......I will also address the site of your primary concern.  Quite often the two are closely related and treating one 'fixes' the other.